I heart Kohl's

And this is why I love Kohls 

Went in on Friday after our happy hour (typical Friday night for me and Amber) I had $5 off from rewards and 30% off I got in the mail. Purchased 2 yoga pants, tweezers, a spider man shirt (to humor my nephew) a short knit sweater with buttons, a long knit sweater, and a leather jacket. After coupons my total 53.95! Saved a total of $200+ But since i spent more than 50 bucks I got $10 back in Kohls cash. Which I will be using next week. 

Sales excite me like no other! Super proud of that purchase. 

Here on the other hand is what $50+ dollars gets you at let's say someplace like sephora..  
Crazy right!! I love kohls! 


Beach weather

Pit stop to the nicest Taco Bell ever!


Weekend with meadow

Took Meadow and Christopher to watch Mr. Peabody and Sherman. 
Using up Christopher's $5 worth of arcade coins. 
2nd stop was to the Lego store, got Meadow her first set. 

ER visit part 2



Job well done!


Sugar n spice

Friday night with the girls. Hailey with her raggamuffin!
Celeste's idea: "Quick close your eyes and pretend your sleeping!"
Caught princess Arie smiling for aunty :) 


So how many times can the word "wanker" be used in a paragraph? 
Feeding the homeless... These three gentlemen showed up the other night, its kind of a rarity to see that. They drank together, sobered up together and left together. Nice to know they were taking care of one another.
Just before the fog ate the sun

It's been some time since nursing school but its always a pleasure catching up with the ladies

Hookah night in

My contribution to hookah night Pirates Cave
Hookah, wine, and music with the girls

@ butter

Bathroom shot 

That night brought about the worst hangover I've had in quite a while. And here I was thinking I was immune to those. 

Celeste's B-day

Wishing they'd stay little forever!
However I'm very curious to see this little wise one grow up. Love my baby Hails! 

Bianca's party

Carly delivered a priceless expression while I overly cheese our selfie... 

My little girls are grown up way too fast, Bianca's 15th birthday bash! 
These girls put on the most intricate choreographed dance I've ever seen. 


Adios Jan '14

It's been nice


Saw these guys again last night at BOTH. Dudes wearing the exact same clothes as last time. Wonder if be realizes that.


Little nephew got sick glad he's doing much better now. Thought it was funny his nurse had my name.

Pacifica Jan '14

Had one of the warmest winters ever. Perfect beach weather!


This guy was hilarious! He had me LMAO and managed to get a hug out of me. Job well done sir

Happy 18 months

Little Lucas is almost 2!!! Spent the day in the city it was a Perfect sunny day!!

Monterey Jan '14

Day trip to Monterey isn't complete with out a visit to the aquarium and house of mirrors!


My tree like seeing it change through the seasons 
My very first watch I used in nursing school... Mines broken now but it Brings back memories. I think 4 other people got the exact same watch after me. 

Loved this! A little Picture box tv in the restaurants bathroom. 
can't believe this happened! My longest lasting pair of scissors I've had since 6th grade broke
baby Jonathan all bunddled up

Napa Jan '14

Started the year off with a little wine tasting
At Artesa winery 
Ben looking' all GQ 

Had the day after new years off and decided to take my parents and Ben to Napa. I can't believe they'd never been there. Also made a stop off at Graton since we were sort of in the area.